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WolfQuest's general rules

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WolfQuest's general rules Empty WolfQuest's general rules

Post  Shadow Wolf Sat Dec 12, 2009 11:29 pm

WolfQuest's General Rules

This forum is not WolfQuest's official forum, in this forum support is given to players of WolfQuest

WolfQuest Forum was created to offer to them help in WolfQuest's game, we invite him to read the procedure for the good managing of the forum and to avoid the total baneo of the account, contact the manager for more information

Knowledge of these rules and reading are your responsibility.
Upon entry into the Forum, you agree and acknowledge the rules of this forum mentioned below.
All subscribers to this forum are subject to the rules described below.
any of the standards described are not met, the staff reserves the
right to intervene and take the necessary decisions in accordance with
each case.

These rules are valid for the whole forum in general.

Some sections may contain specific rules, but they are complementary and do not have clauses that contradict.

forum meets international law, which clarifies that this forbidden
links upload, post or promote content pages of this type:

- Hacking, cracking, network attacks, phishing, malware or bank fraud.
- Pornography, hentai, pedophilia and sexual strength.
- Content violent, discriminatory (racial, sexist, etc..) Defamatory.
- Sale and / or OTC exchange, sale or exchange of drugs or other illicit substances.

All messages that are sent to this forum may be changed or censored by the moderators without notice if deemed necessary.

is not allowed in any part of this forum including but not limited to
posting topics or posts, Private Messages, and/or Chatbox. Advertising
may lead to being banned from the Chatbox and losing PM rights.

Punishments vary for certain breaking of rules.

you are found advertising any site(s) more than once, you will lose PM
rights as you may use it as a transport of information and links. If
caught more than twice, you will lose Chatbox rights as well.

Thank you for reading and to respete the procedure.

Cordial, the team of WolfQuest

Shadow Wolf

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